18. mars 2021

Places to Piddle. A book for we who pee.

My presentation in English of 'Places to Piddle' (Norwegian: 'Steder å tisse'), a picture book about a small boy peeing outdoors and indoors. The video is published through NORLA Norwegian Literature Abroad.

'Places to Piddle' has no traditional story. Instead there are short, independent texts and elaborate illustrations. The book shows the little boy piddling, having a time-out, being by himself, sensing and feeling, thinking and reflecting wondering and fantasising.

I wanted to make the book simple, yet rich. It's easy to read and comprehend. On another level all the details will trigger the reader's imagination.

I also wanted to lift this everyday activity into something greater, to show that these moments of peeing in fact can be moments of gold. So 'Places to Piddle' is not just about peeing, it’s also about being, being alive and in the world. A book for we who pee.

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